BlockerLite Dry Sack

sealline_cat_dry_bagsAre the Hiker? Survivalist? or Adventure?  Then this review is for you! READ/SHARE and save.

“BOOM” water splashing up into my face as Continue reading “BlockerLite Dry Sack”


An E-case that works!

SEAL0900600This is one of the few products that I will endorse.  Read this review and hang on!

Swatting a mosquito away from flying around my face, as I squatted down to take a bearing to where I was at on the map.  I Continue reading “An E-case that works!”

Ultralite “PackTowl”

UltraLite-packtowl-1One of the coolest reusable packtowl’s for survival.  CHECK out this review!

One day I headed over to the water bend at our FOB (Forward Operating Base) and whipped out my Ultralite “PackTowl” from my back pocket and was using the corner of

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