Battle of the Kukri from Lansky

images (1)Nice review on the Kukri.  You need to go get one.  Very affordable and durable.

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Ultimate year supply?

year_supplyOne of the most important thing when you talk about a bug out plan or when a natural disaster happens if food!  People like the idea of having coo toys, bags and gear in order to survive.

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Are you a holder of a Trek III sleeping bag?

Sleeping-bag-for-tent-810x539What are your sleeping standards?  Well, if you want or need comfort in sleeping in the outdoors, then this REVIEW is for you!

I was caught in a middle of a strong snow storm.  I had to slow down to almost 5 miles Continue reading “Are you a holder of a Trek III sleeping bag?”

Do you Jetboil? Nitro-Pak does!

bydlon_jetboil4409_750x400This is one item you do not want to go camping without!  Read it and share!!!

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Do you Harbor Freight?

Harbor_freight_1I know everyone thinks that if they build their own emergency preparedness kits it will cost them an arm and leg! But that is not true at all. Did you know I have talked about in past articles about using the Dollar store? The dollar

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Glove it up

Glove-it-upAs I reach into this brush grabbing what firewood I can gather to start a fire because it is going to get cold tonight, I could see thorns as I continued to reach in grabbing what I could find. Finally I got this fire going and it sure was going to keep me warm and boil some water for me to drink. I could not believe that my

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Volcano time!


Sitting on the couch watching the big game around three o’clock and all of the sudden, everything shuts off.  “What the!” I said out loud as the family comes running asking what had happen.  I told everyone to just settle down and follow o emergency procedures.  Everyone in the family had a specific thing to do and this is no different then our drills we do.

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Surviving: Active Shooter

AR500_armorI just sat down in my chair as the school bell rang, reaching over to my left side looking at this cool backpack my dad gave me. My dad is in the Military and I love that this backpack looks like a military backpack, dreaming that one day, I too will go to the military to follow my family tradition. Now, reaching in the backpack I grabbed my schools daily planner and some pencils out and started my day by writing down today’s homework assignments that was posted on the white board. As I was writing down the daily assignments, I could see out of the corner of my eye and through the classroom widow people running by it. Thinking to myself they must be late for school or something, when I noticed a few people and then more. Getting up and walking towards the window to see what was going on, only noticing people running away from the school and not into it. Then, “BAM, BAM!” What was that? Then I heard over the loud speaker that there is an active shot on campus and we need to lockdown! Just then guns shots rang out again, I reached down and grabbed my backpack, placing it over my shoulders and headed for the door. As I reached and opened the door, I saw a kid holding a gun. Out of instinct I turned away, tuck my head and ran back into the classroom hearing guns shots. My ears were ringing because the kid fired the gun so close to me. Through the ringing in my ears I could hear a bunch of yelling and then it was followed by several more gun shots. I hid in the corner of the classroom behind some desk waiting for it to be over with the rest of my classmates.

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Ready to build? SPEC OPS bag

preparedness bagWhen your are being deployed like I was, we where issued all kinds of cool items that we would need in certain areas of operation.  One of the most common piece of equipment we would get was the backpack.  This time around we received the Spec-ops (coyote brown).  This backpack was well made, sturdy and had a main pocket that was big enough for a three day adventure! or your 72 hour kit or a cool assault pack.  It’s unique three pocket design allows for quick access to all of your gear.  The interior of the pack is lined with high visibility yellow nylon and can be used for signaling in a emergency.  I the back of the backpack has a cool pocket for a water bladder.  You have two extra pockets in the front with two compression straps to help with containing the items inside.

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