Have you heard of the Survival Trash?

Wilderness-trash-1A few months ago there was a 74 year old Florida woman who had gotten lost in the woods one day on a hike she went out on.  She did not think about being prepared and only packed a couple of granola bars in her

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Gas mask is not just for running!


One of the most important things Survivalist think about is the airborne attack.  Could this be real?  What do you think about the Ebola virus going on right now?  Is it real? Here in the US?  Well YES it is and what are

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Gerber or SOG?

SOGThis is the age old question?    Gerber or SOG?   Read the reviews and you decide….

Without question when I was deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom – The US Military issued me the SOG utility knife to carrier on me.  But did I like it?  With this question going on in the world of the US Military, Preppers, farmers or Continue reading “Gerber or SOG?”

Beware of the HARPOON!

harpoonOutstanding review on the Harpoon!  A must read


One of the things I like to do, is to be prepared for any event that comes my way.  Whether it is a survival situation, hunting or whatever.  But to have a tool that can prepare you for both is the tool I need.  The Hoffman Harpoon is a tool for Continue reading “Beware of the HARPOON!”

What’s the motto? Be Ready!!

waterWell one of the greatest store I walked into the other day is the BE READY store here in Sunny Oceanside California!  Thay have a lot of great stuff.  Some of the prices I could not believe were that cheap.  Staff is awesome and was ready to help me at a moments notice.

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