Ultimate year supply?

year_supplyOne of the most important thing when you talk about a bug out plan or when a natural disaster happens if food!  People like the idea of having coo toys, bags and gear in order to survive.

But are they forgetting the most important part about surviving?  Where’s the food?  Food is just as if not the most important part of surviving.  People are probably saying right now, “I will hunt for my food!”  Sure they could if they live in the rural part of the city but what if they do not?  Surviving is all apart of staying a liv and that is have food at your house.  I do not want to be the next victim like what happen in Hawaii when the two hurricanes hit and everyone rushed to buy food and water.  Nothing was left on the shelves’!  Who was going to survive!  Well I am and that is why I have bought my year supply from Nitro-pak!  Nitro-pak has one of the best year supply kits with the most verity of foods in their kits.  In the picture above is their Ultimate 1 year food kits

Nitro-pak say that it has a shelve life of 25 years and if you have nothing to cook with, then no problem because  there is NO COOKING and NO PREPARATION to it!!  I quote Nitro-pak:

How simple is it to make mouth watering tasty meals you ask? Simply select the food variety you wish to eat, open the can and measure out the serving size you desire, add hot water, wait 5 to10 minutes, and voila, you’re ready to feast! It’s that EASY!

For more of what is in it swing by their website and check it out for yourself!  Have fun and until next time








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