Why Arrowheads?

arrowhead survival-1Wow!  what a great review.  I never thought of that.

One of the top ten things you need to survival in the wilderness is food.  Yes, you can survive out in the woods for a little bit without food, but you also need that protein to keep up your energy.  So how do find food?  You can always take your knife and sharpen those sticks you find to make a spear!  Or you can trap or hunt for food.  But what if you reached into you survival pack and pulled out a zip-lock bag full of arrowheads you bought at the store.  Would that work?  Of course!  Did you know that if you went to the store and bought just a hand full of arrowheads, could make hunting just a little bit easier.

arrowhead survival-2

See, using the arrowhead on a spear, in a trap or just as a weapon could do some damage for you.  But what can you use to fashion it to the stick?  I found that if you pick up some leather shoes laces they hold a lot better then the standard shoe string or small rope.  Because if you get the leather wet it holds even better.

So think about it!  This was a survival moment!  Until next time

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