Do you Harbor Freight?

Harbor_freight_1I know everyone thinks that if they build their own emergency preparedness kits it will cost them an arm and leg! But that is not true at all. Did you know I have talked about in past articles about using the Dollar store? The dollar

aisle in Walmart? Or, what about Harbor Freight tools? Have you ever thought to look in there?
Every Sunday, the local paper comes to my front door and it will have tons of ads in their of the stores weekly sales. One of them is the local Harbor Freight ad, and right on the top in big bold letters is the word, “FREE!” Yes free and no purchase is required either. One of the man things my wife has been getting there free in the blue flashlights! She has placed one in everyone’s emergency bag and one in each car. Funny thing, it did not cost us a dime. So what are you waiting for! Head over there and see what thing you can get to through in your emergency bag.

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