Glove it up

Glove-it-upAs I reach into this brush grabbing what firewood I can gather to start a fire because it is going to get cold tonight, I could see thorns as I continued to reach in grabbing what I could find. Finally I got this fire going and it sure was going to keep me warm and boil some water for me to drink. I could not believe that my

car broke down in these woods. Lucky for me I take a 72 hour kit with when I head out to a new adventure. But this time I packed a new pair of gloves thinking that maybe they would come in handy. Well, toady they did, not only did I have the opportunity to reach into bushes to grab wood for a fire but allowed me to do many things without the fear of my hands getting hurt to cause an infection. Gloves should be a part of everyone’s 72 hour kit! Do you have yours?

I first started liking gloves in the Military, they gave us a great pair and I wore them everywhere. They were the FR FAST ROPE GLOVE

FR FAST ROPE GLOVE takes advantage of technology utilized for flame protection in Oakley professional racing gear. Aluminized Carbon-X, greatly reduces thermal transfer when the friction of a fast rope descent threatens the palm with a surge of heat. Dual-layer Nomex, offers added protection with flame resistance that meets the requirements of the ASTM D 6413 standard. For the outer layer of the palm, we used premium Pittards, Keratan, and the fingers get the same durable leather for unrivaled abrasion resistance. No ordinary fast-rope glove can offer this level of performance and protection, and the icon of innovation marks its authenticity.



  • Aluminized Carbon-X under palm to reduce heat transfer
  • Abrasion resistance of Pittards Keratan leather reinforcement on palm and fingers
  • Added protection of dual-layer 180g Nomex
  • Molded polycarbonate knuckle with digital leather covering
  • Secure fit of micro hook & loop pad closure on wrist
  • Meets ASTM F 1790 Fabric Cut Resistance requirement
  • Meets ASTM D 6413 Flame Resistance requirement
  • Meets NFPA 1971-07 Thermal Resistance

This glove is priced around $140.00 dollars and is worth every penny.  I have used this glove on several occasions and the glove does last for quite a while.  I think everyone should have a pair of these in their pack, cars, garage and basically everywhere! Until Next time

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