Volcano time!


Sitting on the couch watching the big game around three o’clock and all of the sudden, everything shuts off.  “What the!” I said out loud as the family comes running asking what had happen.  I told everyone to just settle down and follow o emergency procedures.  Everyone in the family had a specific thing to do and this is no different then our drills we do.

As the family took off and gathered the items we were going to need.  Wife grabbed the battery radio and set it down on a box out front of the house where all the family gathered.  I grabbed the volcano grill so we can start to cook dinner and whatever else we needed.  As I started up the grill, I looked down the neighborhood both sides and can see the entire neighborhood blackout.  Neighbors started come out of their homes to see what I see, and of course no one knows what is going on.  Me, well I had a radio and thy were saying that the entire southwest of California and Arizona into parts of Mexico is off and there is no time frame of when it was going to be back up.  Well, I am set for the night but what was weird was the rest of the neighborhood had no clue what was going on because they were not prepared.  We were set for the night understanding how bad everything was, traffic, stores, credit card machines and people wanting gas.  Yep people do not believe it can happen until it does.  One thing we had that was awesome is the Volcano store this thing rocks!


The Volcano 3 Collapsible Grill and Propane Attachment is an innovative grill/stove that offers the modern convenience of using three different types of fuel: wood, charcoal, or propane. Its expandable body allows quick setup, offers support of very large cookware, yet collapses down to just 6 inches for storage. With as little as 12 charcoal briquettes, you can cook your meal on a picnic table with the included grill or with your own cookware without damaging your work surface, skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens, etc.


You ask were you can get this unbelievable store!  Be prepared that’s where!  Swing by and see all the cool stuff they have and do not forget to tell them we sent you.



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