Do you need Insect Repellent for survival?

insect-repellent-spray Would you place a bottle in your gear?

I remember one time when I was in my military school for Escape and Evade course we were left to survive out in the woods.  Yes, we had to build a smokeless fire, shelter and so forth.  But the one thing they told us but never really cared about was the insects.  Insects of all kinds live everywhere in the woods and if you get a(bite, stung or pinch) from anyone of those inspect and you do not take care of it right away, things can and will turn for the worst.  Infections can turn out to where you lose a arm or leg, blood poisoning or even death.  So it is very important to take care of it.  One of the best things you can do is throw a small bottle of bug spray in your survival bag.  NOTE: (we will cover later of what to do if you are lost without your survival bag)  


I know many of our you have expressed your concern on how to keep bugs from biting you in a wilderness survival time.  There are several home-aide remedies I will discuss later with you that you can make in the field.  But I want to talk about planning ahead with repellent.   This has always been a subject of great concern when it comes to wilderness survival.  Because where ever you go in the woods, you will find bugs!!! So DO NOT be eaten alive…

Here are just a few tips to help minimize the attacks from bugs:

  1. Always tuck your pants into your boots! If you are wearing shoes, place your socks around your pant legs to keep them from crawling in.
  2. Keep your shirt tucked into your pants!   Remember if you wear long sleeves then you have won at-least some of the battle.
  3. Permethrin your clothes!
  4. Don’t wear perfumes!

So I know what you are thinking!  Which bug spray is the best?  Well the one that works for you is the best one.  But for those of you who like to do research then click on the link below and read a consumers report for bug spray.  Until next PROTECT yourself.


Click here —->    Comsumer report

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