Zombie proof your home! Now and cheap

zombies1Zombie proof your home! Now and cheap Who can resist that statement!  When you use the word Zombie, yes can mean anything, but when you need to reinforce your home like Fort Knox and are on a budget like me, you need all the help you can get.  So follow these instructions and you will be ahead of the game.  Safeguard your home, “The Basics”

When you think of protecting your home you cannot see all what a theft might see, so you spend a lot of money on things you really do not need. I am here to show you a way to protect your home and on an affordable budget. So let’s get started:


First things first, “Security” what does it mean, well when you think of it for your home there is two ways of looking at it. First is visual, what you see when you walk up to the house. Do they have security or not. Second is physical, now that I am trying to break in, it is harder than it looks. That is the key right there, “harder than it looks.”

So let’s talk about visual: When you stand on the sidewalk and look at a house what do you see? Well, I see a small sign with a security company on it. Next, I can see a motion sensor lights in several places and a security screen door on the front door (Security Screen doors are the best visual deterrent for the front door. It is just one more layer they have to go through and makes them go looking in a different place to enter). But what about the windows? Backyard? Screens? Dogs? Bars on the widow (who wants that) and the list goes on. Are all of these a visual deterrent? Well, it can be, because if your house has some security stuff in play, then maybe you have more that is not seen and the criminal may move to the next house. But we will talk later in this article about some more visual deterrents.


Here is a good list for visual things to get:door

  1. Security sign (even if you do not have a security system)
  2. Motion sensor lights (put them by your front door and on the sides of the house. Backyard is optional)
  3. Security Screen Door (lock it! What good is it if you do not use it)



So, after thinking about physical security what do you think needs to come first? Everyone should be thinking about the front door. How weak is it? All front doors are weak, look at this picture below:

xcd kick


One good swift kick by the door handle and you’re in! Trust me I have done it before for work! So we first need to add some very inexpensive items to the front door will help increase the level of security from any intruder. First thing we did is add the Security Screen Door as a level 1 protection.


Next let’s talk about the front door we have now. Is it a solid door? Or hollow? Things you need to think about. The more solid the door is the better it will withstand a hard blow from anyone. As an example below: Just looking at the door shows how hard it looks!

door 2


Now look at these pictures below:

guard   lock


These are two different styles of door handle and dead bolt lock covers you can buy at any hardware store for cheap. This type of cover helps protect your handle and dead bolt from being kicked and/or hit in. (great layer for the door)


Some other items you will need for the front door is thisframe

door frame reinforcement! The metal adds to the wood door frame

and makes it hold together longer and helps the wood not

split in two.








But when adding this metal frame, you need to put this reinforced doorjam seen below:


It allows the deadbolt and/or latch to inter the hole in the wood with ease and keeps it from coming through the wood. Just the items along are very cheap and makes the door hard to get through. (Protection!)


One last thing for the door is interlocking hinges as seen in this picture:


It locks the hinge when the door is shut. This helps keep the door together if someone tries to use a jack, spiting tool to try to push the door away from the hinges. See example below:



You can see in thiscop

Picture of the placements of the

Frame and hinges.






Now that we are done with the front door, what have you learned? It is very hard for someone to kick, hit, shove an object in, or anything that involves trying to get this door open. You have just made your front door almost impenetrable.




Windows no matter what you do to them are still very easy to get into. Unless you place bars on all the widows all you really can do is slow the intruder down. But who really wants bars on the windows? They are an eye soar and what if you have a fire, and then you or your kids are trapped. So what do we do?

First, we want to make it hard to get to the windows, by planting a few things next to the house but below the window. Why not some cactus? Some are pretty neat and looks good (depending what area location you live) see pictures below:

a94e494ce7fc321b06c3f5694351cd4f     thCAU54AF3

Or if you do not like the cactus idea, maybe some nice bushes with thrones will always work:


crataegusdouglasiithTOIJI          080626 1273                transplanting-rose-bushes1
Black hawthorn                                   Green Hawthorn                                 Rose Bushes


One thing is for sure you want to make going in a window as hard as possible. But you can add to your windows so Security film:

window%20film        SledgeHammerGlass

Security film does not cost very much and has several advantages. They not only help with someone trying to break through the glass but also help with energy in your home. The film will only slow the person down but will create time to allow the police to come and or other options. You can use this on all your windows including you back sliding door:


Plus if you go to Wal-Mart and pick up some small window locks only helps secure the window from being lifted out or moved away, see picture:


Now one of the hardest things to secure is your back door. Why? Because you may have a fence that blocks everyone from seeing into your back yard and this gives the intruder enough time to do all they want to. So we can add a motion light to help, Dogs, security film, window lock, a bar and so forth. But, when you are not home sometimes the neighbors may not hear all that’s going on and the intruder may still get in, but you can add an alarm to the house as that one more thing and when all else fails the alarm is the final straw.


But having what was mention above is very low cost and easy for you to do. There are always up grades you can do that require tearing into the walls and adding plates of medal and stuff but will have that at a later article. Also, we can talk about putting a panic room in your house for really cheap to help when nothing else is helping!  Hope you have learned something and until next time…..





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