Hurricane Plan?

hurricane_planWhat did you think of the Two Hurricanes that hit Hawaii?  Do you think they were prepared?  I know when I watched the news they were saying all the water and foods were all gone from the stores.

But this is an Island and how long did it take for them to receive supplies from the main land?  Well, I would not even want to think about it, because I am or WE are preparing for UNEXPECTED disasters right!  Right now we are in the hurricane season and it is time to make sure you have that plan and it is going to work.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggest that you preplan by downloading and printing off all important resources and placing it where you can freely access it.  Steps need to be in place of what needs to be done in steps.  Like step 1 (person A) needs to get the hammer, nails and boards to place over the windows.  Unless you have saved money and bought the storm shutters that can wind down over the windows.

One thing I learned when I was a Sheriff’s Deputy is always full your gas tank every night! Top it off because you will never know when you might need it.  Plus when everyone is trying to get gas and have major back ups, you can be driving down the road.  Plus print off road maps of places you would need to go in an emergency and make copies for EVERY CAR.

Do you have generators? Year supply of food? Water? etc!  if you do then sit back and help out when it is needed.  Otherwise start planning now and BE PREPARED.  Until next time start planning

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