car broken downOh no, my car just stopped running. I am stuck in the woods all alone and my cell phone battery is dead, what am I to do?

Is this a fear of yours? Most people have a fear of being stuck out in the woods, desert or snow all alone and not knowing what to do. The news media reports all the time about how people who get lost, broke down or stuck in the woods, desert or snow end up either dead or severally malnourished. I will not end up a statistic for the news; I will survive and be very comfortable too.


Once again if you just take a few small steps of preventative measures this would not happen to you. Just learn to budget things into your home made 72 hour Car kits a little at a time and before you know it, you can survive this situation. The number one question you need to ask yourself: Where do I start? First things first, start by understanding where do you live? In the high country or desert area? Then start putting your kit together. I live in an area that can support both the High Mountain and deserts areas, so I need to add a little more than normal to my kit, but this is my preference. Please what I have listed below is something you need to think about, you can always add to and take away from this kit. WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Just remember the Emergency kits are very important because they can save your life.

My kit has the following:

Radio/batteries or solar                     Plastic flashlight /batteries

Fleece Blankets or sleeping bags       Auto Booster Car Jumper (picture below)

(jumper) cables                                    Fire extinguisher (5-pound, A-B-C type)

Bottled water (case)                            Sack of sand or cat litter (for tire traction)

Telephone card and quarters              Tire repair kit,

Air pump,                                           basic tool kit

Pencil and paper (journal)                   Folding Knife Shovel

Tow rope or chain                               Road Flares

Reflectors                                            Metal cup for water

Duct tape                                            First-aid kit

Hand sanitizer                                     Baby wipes.

Bar of soap                                          Disinfecting wipes

Rain ponchos                                      Tarp

Multi-purpose knife                            Extra batteries

Hand/foot warmers                             Multi-tool / Knife

Binoculars                                           Light sticks.

Maps                                                   first-aid kit

Bandannas                                          Shoelaces

Walking shoes                                     Floppy cotton hat.

Sunblock                                             Medications

Face mask (dust mask)                        Bug repellent.

Survival/first aid manuals (op)            whistle

Disposable                                           Pepper spray

Deck of cards                                      Foam ear plugs

Books paperbacks                               Lip balm

Battery-powered fan (op)                   MRE’s

Cell phone jumper (comes with most smartphone)


Small stove Jetboil with fuel if you in to cook anything

Emergency phone numbers on a laminated card.

Water filter – Life-Straw

Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. Travel sizes make these easier to pack. Pack a set for each member in a zip-top bag labeled with each person’s name.

Feminine protection

Toilet paper- remove the cardboard tubes and flatten

Large plastic garbage bags to insulate feet

Matches/ Lighter/ Strike Force (Fire starter) and 100 hour candle

Rope, different kinds (550 cord, nylon & etc.)

High-energy foods: granola bars, raisins, peanut butter, Almonds.

V-8 juice, Sport drink, premade or a mix, Peanut or other nut butters in foil packets, Jerky, Dried fruit, Applesauce/fruit cups, Hearty, whole wheat crackers, Hard candies, Tuna packs, Dry cereal, Jam/jelly cups, Trail mix, Shelled sunflower seeds.


If you have Pets:

Pet carrier if necessary            Pet food for three days

Water                                      Warm Blanket


For Children, add these extra things to a child’s pack

Books to read                          Games or puzzles

Coloring book                         Small stuffed animal

Comfort foods                                    Warm clothing, hats, gloves and a warm coat.

Warm blanket (lightweight)

For Babies:

Baby carrier (backpack or front pack)            Diapers

Wet wipes                                                       Water

Juices                                                               Formula

Baby food                                                       Rice cereal

Bottles                                                             Toys

Spoon                                                              Blanket

Extra clothing                                                 Warm coat, hat and gloves


Note: There are a few items I would make sure you do carry in your car like the Auto battery jumper (see the picture) you can pick this up for cheap at any auto store. I have this because if my car battery dies I do not want my wife all alone waiting for someone to jump start her car. She can do it and be back on the road at no time at all.


Car starter



A car power air pump: now I do not mention stores in here because you can always find a cheaper place to buy things, but I found a very small car pump at Harbor Freight Tools for $4.00 dollars and it airs my car tires up. It is only 6 inches long, easy to put in your kit!


Last; 100 hour candle, for those of you who do not want to buy this item I will show you in my next article how easy this is to make and will cost you under $2.00 dollars to make! Yes, that easy. I like given you this information because someone out there will use it and I know it will save someone’s life one day. Please enjoy the information.  Until next time.






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