What can you do with 550 cord?

550_cordI have found that if you do not have any 550 cord around, then you are not a survivalist!  No  am just kidding.  When I was in the Military I would find myself having tons of this (no not making the silly survival bracelets) but hanging up aprivacy barrier between cots, clothes line and etc.  It was awesome, just knowing I had some in my pack when we went on patrols. But understand thisCould you live without it?  I do not know and to make it even better for you, to make you run out to the store right now to go gets some are the cool ideas you can do if you put your mind to it.  Like this:

550_cord 2Maybe you could use it to build a Bow and arrow if a survival situation?





550_cord_3What about a snare for a trap!  Need food right? What better way then to already have the stuff to set it!







550_cord_4Starting fires?  One of the major essentials of life?





550_cord_5How about this?  What is it? Fort, water filter stand?  But as you can see the cord is holding up!







550_cord_6How about first aid?







550_cord_7and last the most important thing you can think of! the shoelace.




As you can see there millions of things you can do with the 550 cords.  Just think where you will be if you did not have any?  Go buy some now and until next time!


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