Fire? Coke can?

StartingOne of the first things you really need t think about in a survival situation is, can you really survive this!  Most people believe they can(or say they can) but will be living it ruff.  Me on the other hand try to get all the training and preparedness items I can so when the time come, well I will be living like a king.  Yep that right a king.  So, here s another tool for your tool belt that we should all have, right?  Fire, let’s start a fire (a form of life) without a lighter, match, magnifying glass or etc.  Let us a aluminum can.  That’s right! did you know you can start a fire with an aluminum can.

can_fire 1 All you really need is a piece of chocolate and the can itself.







can_fire 2Take the chocolate and rub it all over the bottom of the can.  You can do a little bit at a time until you get the bottom nice and clean.







CleanAs you can see once the clean away the chocolate the bottom of the can it should be nice and shinny!








Starting FireFire!! that’s right once you clean away the dirt from the bottom of the can, set up all the small grass and sticks to start the fire.  As you can see I place wind blockers and then faced the can towards the sun and left it.  Once I saw a little smoke, I start to blow very slow and smooth.  Then fire came!  So as you can see fire can be achieve without anything other than the sun.  Practice hard and until next time!


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