Do you have a Sun Oven? Harness the power

solar-ovens-1Solar oven Where do I get one of those and how do I use it?   It was raining all night at almost freezing temperatures and we were worried that it was going to flood outside.  Staying together we all slept in the living room area hoping our home would make it.  About 1 am

in the morning we could finally hear the the rain had stopped and hoping for the best.

The next morning we all got up to look outside to see if there was any damage.  We could not believe what we were seeing.  Not only did it rain hard but it went to freezing temperatures the rest of the night and we had solid ice everywhere.  This shut the power down for hours, which turned into days of no power or stove to cook food.  People went into a panic at the stores, fighting other people to get the food off the shelves and others would steal it because they had no money on hand to pay for it because of all the credit machines were down.  I am glad that I was prepared for this day, by already having my food and an alternative way to cook my food.  The solar over is one of the ways I did it.  Whether it is cold out side or not the sun will still beat down (if there is no clouds) and cook my food, all I need to do it just time it.
How does the Solar Oven work?

Here is what we call the basic principle of use, first the sunlight creates heat and that heat we keep in our oven for cooking.  So, the Sunlight is what we use for fuel.  Easy right? Well there are a few things you need to remember, first place the oven out in the sunlight and away from the wind.  Wind cools things and we need the heat, and need to be out there for several hours.  See the top part of the oven is clear to allow the heat in but traps it next to the dark pot or cooking item.  The box is insulated as well to help keep the heat.  That is pretty much all to a solar oven, just make sure you keep it out in the direct sunlight for hours to cook.

Where can you buy one?  Well, everyone has a special emergency place to get gear, but I found Solar to not only have the product, but also cook times and great illustrations to go along as well.  Swing over and check them out.  Until next time






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