Are MRE’s worth the pack out?

MRE2Do you think packing MRE’s are worth it?  Or can food?  Some people prefer the can food over MRE’s because they are

comfortable eating the can food.  Most people have never really tried the MRE.  They have just taken the word of someone else about the taste.  But unless you have really eaten it, you will never know.  One thing for sure is if you are lost in the woods, Survival or natural disaster situation the best food you could have is the MRE.  They have the calories and heaters to eat your food hot.


So what is it about MRE’s that is stopping you to pack them out? I think if you own any, take one out the next time you backpack anywhere and try it!  You will be surprise, just as I was the day in the field in the Military.  But one website I know has them for a great price is Emergencies Essentials!  Swing by and see all what they have for you.  Until next time  Stay alive!!


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