Prepare yourself for 72 hours

disaster_preparednessA lot of people have asked me what goes in a 72 hour kit if they ever needed to just pack up and leave. Have you ever wondered the same thing? Are you able to react in time to protect your family at all cost in an emergency? Most of the time if we have an emergency it does not last that long, somewhere between 24 to 72 hours and then the emergency response teams usually gets things back under control. For those of you, who live in Southern California; can you remember the power outage in 2012? I took that opportunity and sat outside on my carport and watched all my neighbors come outside and visit with each other wondering what was going on. I sat there in my folding chair with my feet kicked up drinking nice cold water bottle, listing to the radio (battery operated) with my family. The neighbors started to walk over just to listen to the news on my radio in order to find out why there was a power outage. I did realize that no one in my neighborhood was prepared for this, but if they would have followed just a few small steps, they too could have been prepared.

The list below is what I have in my 72 hour kit, please feel free to add or take away for your own needs.

Important Documents                   Toothbrush/ toothpaste

Toothbrush holder                          Shampoo – travel size

Paper/pencil                                     Bar of soap

Water bottle                                     Waterproof matches or other striking device

Change of shoes – optional        MRE (9 meals)

Emergency Reflective blanket   Light sticks

Flashlight                                            Rope (550 cord is awesome)

Water purification tablets           Quarters for payphones

Insect repellant                                 Small toys (if you have small children)

Toilet paper                                       Necessary Medicine

Safety Pins (3)                                   Trash bags

Deodorant – travel size                Pocket mirror

Travel pack baby wipes                 hard candy

Change of clothes – seasonal     Small blanket

Sleeping bag – optional                Band-Aids

Hand/body warm packs (3)         Batteries

Radio w/batteries                           Tylenol – wrapped in foil

$20.00 in small bills                        Sunblock

Whistle                                                Hat

Pocket knife                                      Rain Poncho

First Aid kit                                         Duct Tape

Camelback – optional                    Gun – optional

020    1a

Remember: It is important to have a kit for each person in your own family and tailor it to that individual, because you want it to be comfortable. Also, make sure you have it in an accessible place, so that when the emergency happens you can grab it quick with or without lights.

Note: As you can see I have an emergency 3 ring binder that I do keep in my safe, in it has all the important documents, that list consist of:

Personal records such as:

* birth certificates, adoption papers, citizenship records, marriage certificates, divorce documents,  military service records, passports and social security cards

* Tax returns

* Life insurance policies

* Legal documents, such as power of attorney

* Property information for your home and auto, such as the deed to your home, mortgage, or car title

* Household inventory


I do know that when you are on a budget, money is sometimes an issue. Start out small with the most important things first, and budget the stuff in and if it is a little at a time before you know it your kits are complete. Below I listed where I get all my supplies from (emergency essentials) and another website from the FEMA.   Emergency Essentials   FEMA website

Always stay safe and be prepared for what life throws at you, until next time.




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