Ultralite “PackTowl”

UltraLite-packtowl-1One of the coolest reusable packtowl’s for survival.  CHECK out this review!

One day I headed over to the water bend at our FOB (Forward Operating Base) and whipped out my Ultralite “PackTowl” from my back pocket and was using the corner of

it to scrub my face.  Everyone was looking at me as they had their government issue towels around their neck.  I then of course scrubbed what is left of my hair and neck cleaning up from being out in the field for several days and then ringed out the packtowl.  Smiled at everyone as they watched and walked away.  A couple of people came up to me afterwards and asked me what they heck was I using to clean with?  I reached over and grabbed the packtowl and said, “here check it out.”  WOW, they could not believe it!  That this small towel could hold up to the standards of the US Military and take on that much water.

You know being in the Military and always out in the field makes you crazy when
you can not clean yourself up.  Agree? Or there is that long line for the showers and etc.  I hate it when I come in from the field after being out for a couple of days, and just need UltraLite-packtowlto clean up before eating and your towel the US Government issues you can not stand up to the grueling  test.  What do you do? I know it really sucks.  Well there is always the baby wipes which is good for a little bit before they start to break apart from your 3 day beard!
But I can tell you that this company called Packtowl sells this awesome packtowl!  Have you heard of it? This ultralite packtowl they sale really lives up to what it is made for and can stand up to any situation thrown at it!  That is to dry you off or clean yourself up and then ring it out and then let it dry.  Then all you do is pack it up and pack it away!  This packtowl takes up little to no room at all!  As small as you think it is, only folds out to handle any of your messes!
Check out what Packtowl says about it:

This soft, absorbent, and remarkably lightweight towel fits in your pack when space is tight, so you’re always ready for fun on the fly. Great for drying off after visiting alpine lakes and remote beaches, the Ultralite towel is a great choice for anyone who wants to play in the water without lugging a wet cotton towel around.

Mesh stuff sack included

Isn’t that great!  Here are all the specs you will need about it, READ!

Ultralite packtowl-2


  • Lightweight: Full size towel weighs just 3.1 oz (89g).
  • Versatile: The best balance of light weight and high absorbency with larger sizes for frequent use.
  • 4X Rapid-Cycle Absorbency: Soaks up twice its weight in water; then wrings out almost completely dry – over and over.
  • Durable: Tough Poly/Nylon blend provides maximum durability in a lightweight fabric.
  • Easy Care: Machine wash, then hang dry using the convenient snap loop or tumble dry.

Well, go over to there website and see what all the cool things they have for you.  Until next time

Click for —->  PackTowl




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