SOG Survival kit for your budget

SOG_shovelIt is getting cold out here and I am going to need to start a fire soon.  But where am I going to find wood for the fire?   There, there is a down tree that is all dead.  Perfect, just

what I need for a fire.  I pulled out my SOG ax and started chipping away at it until I got enough pieces to start a fire.  I pulled out the shovel and dug a little hole and placed the wood in it.  Next I took out the flint & striker to start my fire, with only a couple of hits on the flint I had the flames going.  I am glad I had all I needed for tonight.  Warm and safe.


Do you like SOG just as much as I do?  But sometimes it is impossible to buy one because the  name is just as expensive as the  product?  Well, you know that you will pay big for an outstanding product and that is how I feel.  Now you can get the best product from SOG, for a great price that fits the budget.  Where are you asking, well at Walmart that’s where!  I know right!  Some people may not like them, but one thing for sure is they carry SOG kit (ax, shovel and flint starter) and it is only for 20 bucks!!!!!  That’s right I said 20 dollars.  I think you need to go pick one up before they are all gone.  Until next time!  Enjoy that SOG and be proud of it.


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