Do you have the M40?

M40-1Awesome review, READ!


I know that if you are on a packout, bugout or just dang getting out and need to pack light so you can load up on more ammo, and can not deiced what to grab!  Well, have you ever thought about the M40 ATV kit?  The M40 ATV kit is as small as a coke can and can pack out a lot of stuff.  M40 Wilderness Survival Store sales some great stuff, check out what they say about the M40 ATV kit:

NEW! M40’s “ATV” Kit – I don’t think I’ve ever crammed this much gear in this small a space before! This kit is designed specifically as a vehicle kit, but it’s small enough to stuff in a jacket pocket or stash in a pack. Fits most water bottle or drink holders, whether on your bike, ATV, snow machine, or 4×4.

Choose your paracord color for the double layer wrap… it might not look like it, but there’s 50 feet of para cord there!  Black and green as shown below, or choose coyote tan or hi-vis orange. Optionally, you can purchase the aluminum cage vehicle mount shown in the picture above to hard mount this kit to a vehicle or wherever you might want to have it in easy reach



Isn’t that awesome!  This kit has:

Kit Contents


1 Metal Kit Canister w’ Seal

50ft Parachute Cord, 550Lb Test (CHOOSE COLOR)

1 14 function Knife/Multi Tool

1 Ferrocerium Rod & Striker

50ft Spectra Line, 100Lb Test

1 Micro Trench Lighter

1 Watertight Aluminum Container

100Ft Nylon Line, 15Lb Test

15Ft Green Steel Snare Wire

5 Ft Duct Tape, Hi-Vis Yellow

1 Signal Whistle

2 High Intensity Micro Flashlights

2 Signal Strobes, Emergency

1 M40 Micro Survival Tarp, 4′ x 8′

1 Mylar Reflective Survival Blanket 84″ x 52″

10 Fish Hooks, Size assortment

2 Needles, Lg Heavy Duty

3 Safety Pins, Lg Nickel Plated

2 Surgical Scalpel Blades, Sterile Pkg.

1 Bandages, 1″ x 3″, Sterile Wrap

1 m40 Water Purification Kit w’ Instructions

1 Water Bag, Zipper Lock, 1 Qt.

10 M40 Petro Jelly Fire Starters

1 Fresnel Lens 3x Magnifier

1 Trail Marker, Ultra Reflective, Stick-on, 2”x3” sheet

3 Nails, 10D (used as Spools for line and wire)

So, now you know what is in this cool kit, and you can always add more to it.  But for the quick grab and go you know you can reach for the M40 ATV!  Until next time.



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