Emergency blanket in your kit?

survive_1Setting at the light in my car getting ready to make a right hand turn, when all of the sudden a car in front of me makes a fast left hand turn hitting a car going straight in the intersection.  I look behind me and back up just a little and turn on my flashers and look at the wife telling her to call 911.  i run over to the first car I can get to and see an older lady in pretty bad shape with a small kid around 8 years old in the back seat.  The rain was coming down pretty good right now and understanding the the car was not on fire or any other dangers, it would be ok if I left them in the car.  I stood up and yelled to my wife to grab our emergency blanket in our 72hour kit.  As my wife ran up to me and handed me the thick blanket I cover the small child in the backseat hoping it would keep him warm and feel safe as I attended the person in the front seat.  I looked over to the other car and a few people were already assisting them so i focused on this car.  After a few minutes of talking with this injured person until emergency crews arrived to take over I kept the scene calm and the small child warm.  Good thing we packed our blanket and prepared fro ANY emergency situation.

What blankets should you keep in your emergency kit?  Well that really depends on how much space you have?  Is it a backpack?car?boat? and etc.  One thing is for sure is whatever the kit is, you will need one per person for your family just in case.  One blanket I found that I can use is the


SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket they are tough enough for my Military rugged family, how about yours?  Here is what they have to say about it?


The SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket is an Ultra-Versatile, All-Purpose Emergency Shelter designed for use in the Harshest-Terrain and Conditions. Weighing in at only 7.9 oz (224g), this 5′ x 8′ (152.4 cm x 244cm) Shelter Packs-Down to a Pocket-Sized Package yet can withstand almost any abuse you can throw at it. Wind & Waterproof and 90% Heat Reflective, the Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket will keep you Warm-and-Dry and is Tough-Enough to Survive Multiple Adventures.

2 1/2 Times Thicker, Strength to Rig into a Tarp 2.5 mil, compared to 1 mil blankets, Super Heats-Sheets Fabric is Waterproof and Windproof and will withstand High Winds. Keeps You Warm, Reflects 90% of Radiated Body Heat to help keep you warm. 100% Wind and Waterproof to Shield you from the Elements. Unmatched Versatility can be used as an Emergency Blanket, Ground Cloth, Gear Cover, Emergency Shelter or whatever suits your needs. Designed for 1-Person for Multiple Days Use, its perfect for Ski/Snowboarding, Hiking/Backpacking, Alpine/Rock Climbing, Expeditions/Adventure Travel, Hunting/Fishing and Emergency Prep.



So remember until next time, keep your feet and body warm








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