Wildfire prerpreation Kit

Wildfires-kitsAre we not survival preppers! We train and train to survive right! Well I know we have talked about 72 hour kits, car kits and etc. But what about you guys that live close to a forest?

Deep woods? Are you going to be prepared? This is like emergency preparedness kits but you need to understand just a little more. First, I think best time to prepare yourself and your family in case for an emergency evacuation is before you are called to act.

Yes run practice drills, learn what everyone’s responsibility is so it can be a control chaos. So let’s get started in preparing:

What to do before the fire starts:

  • Plan more than one escape route from your home whether it is your car, bicycle or foot.
  • Prepare a family evacuation kit that includes: changes of clothing, shoes, sleeping bag & etc.
  • 72 hour water and food supply
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency tools including a battery-powered AM/FM radio, flashlight and plenty of extra batteries
  • Extra Cash!
  • Sanitation supplies
  • An extra pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses

Any Important family documents

Pick two meeting places for your family: A place a safe distance from your home or a place outside of your neighborhood in case you can’t return to the area of your home.

What do you do if you are warned that a wildfire is threatening your area and you may have to evacuate? I would suggest you back up your car in the driveway and roll all the windows up to keep the smoke out. Make sure everyone is aware that you might have to leave in the middle of the night so pack your car and get clothes out ready to be put on ASAP.

Very important! Call ahead to arrange temporary housing at a friend or relative’s home outside the threatened area.

I found this check list for your home if you have to leave:


  • Close windows, vents, doors, venetian blinds or non-combustible window coverings and heavy drapes.
  • Shut off gas or propane. Turn off pilot lights.
  • Move flammable furniture into center of the home away from windows and sliding-glass doors.
  • Turn on a light in each room to increase the visibility of your home in heavy smoke.


  • Seal attic and ground vents with pre-cut plywood or commercial seals.
  • Remove gas grills from decks and patios, place propane tanks in garage.

Place combustible patio furniture inside

  • Connect garden hoses to outside taps, leave in obvious location for firefighters.
  • Place a non-combustible ladder on house for access to roof for firefighters.
  • Remove firewood or any other stored combustibles near your home.
  • Remove all shrubs within 15 feet of your home.

One more then you need to know if you do have to evacuate.  You want to wear protective clothing long pants, long sleeved shirt, gloves and a handkerchief to protect your face from any fires, smoke and etc. that might be around. Take your evacuation kit with you!  Trust me in a stressed out time people forget things.  Lock up your home and please Tie a white towel, sheet or ribbon on your front door; this advises emergency responders that your home has been evacuated.

I hope this helps you plan for the emergency.  Please feel free to comment below if you would like to add your advise.  Thanks and until next time.


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