What helps you protect your family at night?

NVG-1Last week all heck broke loose and we had to evacuate up into our cabin in the mountains.  Things are pretty tough right now with the family scared to what might happen if people

start to loose control and come looking for us.  All we can do is stay calm and survive just like we have planned.  But right now our senses are heighten because it just happen so each noise we hear at night I am up and out of bed to check it out.  Just then I hear a noise and grabbed my NVG’s and looked outside only to see a deer feeding close to the house.  Great nothing yet, luckily I had these NVG’s with me to help me see in the dark.  What do you carry?  I carry the:

STS Low Profile Night Vision Goggle NVG-2

Sensor Technology Systems, Inc. (STS) offers the capabilities, resources and capacity to supply the entire spectrum of the military and civilian defense agencies with the finest Night Vision Goggle on the market today.  The AN/PVS-21 Low Profile night vision goggle (LPNVG) is the choice of elite units conducting aggressive, high-intensity land and sea missions.  It is unique low-profile configuration, sensor fusion and advanced see-through optics increase mission performance in all operational environments.

The AN/PVS-21 LPNVG is the only binocular night vision goggle with an integrated enhanced heads up display, providing you with unmatched senor fusion capabilities.  Operators can easily view alphanumeric or video overlay of thermal, PC, GPS or vehicle data systems in a high resolution, color display.  Yes it is pricey but worth every penny.


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