Is the Platypus SoftBottle just for drinking?

PLUSBOTTLE™A water bottle that does it all!  You really must read this review!!

Grabbing my survival backpack from the helicopter wreckage and getting a bearing, I headed out towards the northwest.  My platypus softbottle hitting my back as I was at a slight jog.  I knew it was because after filling it before takeoff, I attached it to my “D” ring.  I knew I had to head for high ground considering that the woods were thick and if I had ever a chance to have someone see me, that would be it.

platysoft bottle

I located what looked like a good spot to camp out until help arrived, not to far from the wreck and on high enough ground.  I unclipped my PLUSBOTTLE and took a drink making sure I stayed hydrated.  Thinking it was time to go get some fire wood for the night (and signaling).  After making my rounds to gather wood and a rock ring I looked in my bag for the matches and/or lighter.  Dang it!!!! I will have to improvise!  I turned towards the sunlight and took out my plusbottle and drank just a little more out of it to make sure I had enough in the bottom.  I squeezed the middle section of the bottle causing the bottom of my plusbottle to swell like a bubble. I moved it to the sunlight.  With what water I had in the bottle and allowing it pressure would cause it to have a magnifying glass effect ( is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object).
Next thing I know, I start to see smoke coming from my fuel (small branches and pine platyplusneedles)  I blew ever so slowly as I could now see red amber coals getting hotter until eventually a flames started.  Thanks my Platyplus softbottle.

What an awesome softbottle!  Multi-functions for an outstanding result!  Not only does it serve as a drinking tool but also a fire starting tool!  Thanks Platyplus!

One of the greatest thing I like most about survival is the use of tools we can use and having a tool with multi-functions is an added bonuses.  As a Master Chief told me once “two is one, one is none.”  Meaning that if you do not have two of everything then when that one tool goes out, you have no back up.

Platyplus sales this great softbottle for your outdoor activities!  Check out what they have to say:

  • Lightweight and packable – 80% less weight and bulk than a hard bottle.

  • Taste-free and BPA-free for clean drinking.

  • Food-grade liner with rugged exterior is pliable and durable.

  • Silver-ion antimicrobial keeps it fresh.

  • Freestanding design is stable and easy to use.

Compatible with any threaded Platy lid or drink tube.

1.0 LTR
Capacity 34 fl. oz / 1 liters
Weight 1.3 oz / 38 g
Width 6 in / 15.5 cm
Length 11.5 in / 30 cm
Film Polyurethane / Polyethylene
Spout material Polypropylene
Cap material Polypropylene
Country of Origin Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials

What more is there to say!  It saves space when done!  Starts fires and hold water for anything!  I think you need to check out all of their outdoor equipment today.  Tell them Emergency  Preparedness sent you!  Until next time


Click here for –> Platyplus Softbottle plusBottle


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