Off the Grid

Liberty_cabinsHave you ever though that you might just want to give it all up and move to the middle of no where!  Some people just would like to live alone and forget about the world.  Well here is one way you could!

Liberty Log Cabin has several designs you could have and build your own log cabin.  They have tons of floor plans and great opportunity to live like a king with some of the awesome cabins.  My favorite cabin they offer is in the Chalet collection is called the Lake City.  This beautiful Cabin is a 3 bedroom 2 bath and only 1390 square feet of awesomeness. (see picture below)

Lake_cityThis cabin is a three story of open space to put not only your food supply, but everything you need to do to live off the grid!  I HIGHLY recommend swinging over to check out all the floor plans they have. Remember  right now if you buy a cabin you get an AR-15 package.  Ask them about it!   So until next time – See you off the grid!


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