Gas mask is not just for running!


One of the most important things Survivalist think about is the airborne attack.  Could this be real?  What do you think about the Ebola virus going on right now?  Is it real? Here in the US?  Well YES it is and what are

you going to do about it?  Well the first and foremost is get your butt into gear and head over to the KEEP SHOOTING surplus and pick yourself (and family) a gas mask!  Right now they have a great mask that covers almost everything you need!  It is called the: The Mestel Safety SGE 150 gas mask.


This mask is a size medium/large and is completely adjustable by way of a six-point harness (like a military seal). The SGE 150 utilizes a wide polycarbonate, full-face visor that provides a virtually unobstructed panoramic view and eliminates all of the problems generally associated with surplus masks. The visor is treated for both ballistics and chemical aggression and includes a comfortable rubber skirt with a patented springing seal design.

Keep Shooting says:

All Mestel Safety gas masks accept standard NATO 40mm gas mask filters. The SGE 150 gas mask includes a single, front-facing filter port. Other features include:

– Prescription lens support (available as an accessory from Mestel Safety)

– Speaking diaphragm (available as an accessory from Mestel Safety)

– User manual (provides detailed description, instructions and maintenance information)

If you want the very best in personal protective equipment, then consider the Mestel Safety SGE 150 gas mask, which provides proven protection for any CBRN threat. If you are serious about your safety, then spend a few more dollars and leave the surplus masks for cranky old spendthrifts. Consider this mask for:

– Chemical threats

– Biological threats

– Radiological threats

– Nuclear threats

– Survival kits

– Collections

So what are you waiting for!  Get out there and pick one up today, and SURVIE!  Until next time



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