Gerber or SOG?

SOGThis is the age old question?    Gerber or SOG?   Read the reviews and you decide….

Without question when I was deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom – The US Military issued me the SOG utility knife to carrier on me.  But did I like it?  With this question going on in the world of the US Military, Preppers, farmers or just the general hunters this has been the debate for years.  So let us take a good look at each one of them.

First let’s talk about the SOG utility knife.  IS the name famous?  Is this why people are drawn to it, because of regular knifes are made with good quality?  Well

11-Multi-Tool-Lifesavers-3-661x441The new PowerAssist tool –  This is a new multi-function tool that SOG has just put out.  It has a total of 16 different tool functions, like:

3-Sided File Blasting Cap Crimper Bolt Grip Channel Bottle Opener Can Opener Full Serrated Blade Hard Wire Cutter Large Flat Screwdriver Medium Flat Screwdriver Needle Nose Pliers Philips Screwdriver Ruler Small Flat Screwdriver Straight Edge Blade V-Cutter Wire Crimper

Which makes it a well versatile tool, wouldn’t you agree? Plus SOG backs there product with one heck of a money back guarantee and warranty.   SOG’s Home page:   SOG Knives

But what about the Gerber?


gerber-08239-MP800LegendMultitool-open-lgLEGEND – Multi-Pliers 800:  This multi-tool is also one of the new multi-tools that Gerber has put out this last year.  This multi-tool has made some improvements from the older models and features


  • Components:
    • needlenose pliers with indexable, replaceable carbide cutters
    • fine edge knife
    • Fiskars scissors
    • cross point screwdriver
    • small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers
    • bottle opener and file
  • Contoured aluminum handles with rubber inserts for grip
  • Tungsten carbide wire cutters
  • Patented Saf.T.Plus
  • Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty

Gerber’s home page:  Gerber Knives

So, now that you have a good look at both of them, which one do you prefer?  Why don’t you leave a comment below and let everyone know which one works best for you.  Until next time.

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