Beware of the HARPOON!

harpoonOutstanding review on the Harpoon!  A must read


One of the things I like to do, is to be prepared for any event that comes my way.  Whether it is a survival situation, hunting or whatever.  But to have a tool that can prepare you for both is the tool I need.  The Hoffman Harpoon is a tool for the job.  One time I was walking to go look for some firewood in the forest of Idaho.  If any of you have been to Idaho then you will understand what I went through, and for those who have not picture this; Tall trees and very thick woods, if you travel at least a 100 yards in any direction you could lose your way.  I always carry with me a small flashlight and the Hoffman’s Harpoon for the just in-case.  Well needless to say I got turned around (because I am not from the area) and lost my way.  I traveled for a bit looking for some shelter because it look as if it was going to rain.  I made my way to some falling branches knowing someone was going to find me.  I put together some brush and found a stick that was about 5 feet.  I took the stick and along with my shoes string I tied the Harpoon to the top of the stick to make it a good defense weapon.  Who knew what would come at me at night and I want some kind of distance between me and “whatever.”  Once I was done I could not believe how well it fit together with the wood.  Because of the handle on the Harpoon slimmed down enough just right for the stick.  Feeling awesome and ready, I kept the Harpoon at the ready.  After a few hours, my group I was with found me and I returned to camp that night, but the one thing I did kept was that Harpoon attached to the stick for the rest of the weekend.  Why not have a survival tool at it’s ready.


One thing you can count on, is the tool that wil take care of you.  Read what TOP Knives says:

Terrill Hoffman is an international hunter, photographer, outdoor writer, and founder of “PWYP” – Practice What You Preach, the Outdoor Survival Outings.

Survival author Dan Shectman wrote Tactical Knives Magazine.
“The New ‘TOPS/Hoffman Harpoon’ offers a unique multi-purpose survival tool much like those carried by the stone age hunters.

“The Hoffman Harpoon is a useful piece of survival cutlery, worn in its neck sheath, it is always with you. Crafted from quality steel and comfortable to use, it fills the niche the small knife occupies in the woodsman’s kit. The Hoffman Harpoon is reminiscent of that earlier time when every tool had to be a multi tool”.

Also Includes free Lansky Quick Fix Sharpener Kit and free Field Fire Starter Kit


I know right!  This is an awesome tool to keep in that tool belt.  Swing over to TOP KNIVES and see what they have for you!  Until next time

Click here ——-> TOP KNIVES


Also comes in Mini!

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