Home Surgical Kit – Prepared

earthquake_surgicalThere you are standing there after one of the biggest earthquakes and you are assessing the situation of what needs to be done.  What do you do?

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Off the Grid

Liberty_cabinsHave you ever though that you might just want to give it all up and move to the middle of no where!  Some people just would like to live alone and forget about the world.  Well here is one way you could!

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Gas mask is not just for running!


One of the most important things Survivalist think about is the airborne attack.  Could this be real?  What do you think about the Ebola virus going on right now?  Is it real? Here in the US?  Well YES it is and what are

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Gerber or SOG?

SOGThis is the age old question?    Gerber or SOG?   Read the reviews and you decide….

Without question when I was deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom – The US Military issued me the SOG utility knife to carrier on me.  But did I like it?  With this question going on in the world of the US Military, Preppers, farmers or Continue reading “Gerber or SOG?”


DELUXE SURVIVAL KIT – 4 to 5 person

4_day_kitHow Long Do you think you can survive!  Sometimes we can get you kits that are already built for you so you do not have to do it alone.  It is like the McDonald’s kits, order to what you like.  Well this kit will

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Saltwater to Drinking water!

prod_1645_enlarged (1)Have you ever really thought about how you will survive out in the ocean?  I do a lot of diving as a civilian and in the military and we have all seen

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Beware of the HARPOON!

harpoonOutstanding review on the Harpoon!  A must read


One of the things I like to do, is to be prepared for any event that comes my way.  Whether it is a survival situation, hunting or whatever.  But to have a tool that can prepare you for both is the tool I need.  The Hoffman Harpoon is a tool for Continue reading “Beware of the HARPOON!”


The MSR water filter

water-surivival-1Stopped for a second to get my bearing, and to see if I could find a river bed.  I am stuck behind enemy lines and need to make it back to my unit.  One of the hardest things we have to remember is to stay calm and

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Are we really prepared?

AR500_armorOne of the most common things people think about preparedness is surviving the outdoors or maybe a natural disaster!  But what kind of other disasters are there we need to be prepared for?  School shootings, malls or even restaurants!  Well, I know when I was in the Military I would always carry a backpack around.  See in this day and age we need something new to the world that is cool for kids to have or wear!  Stand-by for tomorrow we will have a full write up on the item in the picture!  Standing-by!


What’s your Plan B?

Emergency-plan-bI know everyone has been training for the worst possible thing that could happen.  But what about Plan B?  Have you even thought about what might happen if your first

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