The Pocket Hunter Sling shot

pocket-hunter-1Check out the review!  It is awesome to know the new and improve slingshot.


Day 4, I am still out here lost in the tall pines of Idaho and looking for food.  I need the protein for energy to keep me going until help arrives.  I slowly walk through the broken branches from the falling pines seeing a squirrel just off to my right.  I lift my left hand ever so slow, gripping the rubber tubing with my right hand.  I pulled back the tubing, feeling the pressure against my left wrist from the tension.   Bringing the end of the tubing I had pulled back now to my chin as I Marksman-sling shottake aim closing one eye.  I can still see the squirrel just about 10 yards away.  Releasing the tubing, feeling it whip up against my left wrist I watched as the small arrow whipped back and forth as it continued to move forward at about 115 FPS towards the squirrel.   “Thud,” was the sound I heard as the squirrel rolled to the ground as the arrow stuck in his body.  I ran over to it and made sure it was not suffering.  All I could do was think I was having dinner tonight.

One of the most important things to do is carry a second form of hunting equipment in my kit to make sure I can get food.  Gun first and pocket hunter second.  This pocket hunter is a sling shot that shoots arrows.  Yes, arrows at about 115 FPS gives you just enough to hunt small game for survival.  Heartland of America sells them for a great price, read what they say about it:

This Marksman slingshot shoots arrows at up to 115′ per second to quickly take down small game. It’s great for target shooting too. The folding design makes it easy to carry in your backpack or even in your belt. Features beefed-up bands that have a 42 lb. pull weight and patent-pending adapter. Arrow included. 1-year limited warranty.

Wasn’t that awesome!  It folds up very nice in your pack and if you miss with the arrow at least you can go pick up the arrow and reuse it!  Great tool to add to your pack.  With it being a great price too, who can resist.  Swing over to Heartland and check it out!  Until next time


Click for —-> Heartland of America


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