Hot Showers in the woods!

Solar-showerWow! what a great idea for your Emergency pack!  Check out the review…

When people talk about camping some think it is to much trouble to be out in the woods, sleeping in a tent and living next to a camp fire.  But what is it with them?  I think of it more like living in style!  Why do you have to burden yourself with the struggles of living in the woods or desert when you can live in style!  What I mean is, good hygiene is the best way to make sure you last longer without infections, smell and just the overall way you feel!  Yes, don’t you feel a tons better when it comes to showering?


I would like to introduce to you the “Solar Shower!”  The Solar Shower is one of the luxuries (I think) you can have in the woods, survival and/or 72 hour kit.  I build my kits so I can live in comfort and not struggle when it might be a couple of days.

Remember in 2013 when all of southern California and parts of Arizona & Mexico was out of power, because of a substation blow something?  Well I was living in comfort with a warm shower for bed with my Solar Shower.  Now you are asking where I can get one of these things?  A on-line store call “Sun Over.”  They have tons of cool survival and emergncy things.  Here is what they say about the Solar Shower:

Perfect for all your washing needs, this SOLAR SHOWER uses the sun’s energy to heat water.  The handy on/off valve is connected to the showerhead for easy access and allows you to control how much or how little water you need.



  • Capacity:              5 gallons
  • Dimensions:         20 inches high x 16 inches wide
  • Weight:                 14 ounces (empty)


032315 Camp Shower grapicFeatures

  • Separate fill cap
  • On/off valve allowing you to turn water off quickly
  • Spray nozzle
  • Hanging/carrying handle
  • Rolls up after use for easy and compact storage
  • Made of durable absorbent matt black PVC
  • Heats up by direct sunlight exposure
  • 11 minutes of nonstop shower time
  • Hot water at your convenience


How it Works

When placed outdoors in the direct sun, the sun’s light is absorbed and turns into The matt black color absorbs the light so 5 gallons of water will heat in approximately three hours. Water has a high specific heat value so the water in the SOLAR SHOWERS bag will stay warm for 3 hours after the direct sun has stopped shining on the bag.




What are you waiting for!  Swing over to Sun Oven now and pick one up!  Until next time


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