Building your own food rack!

001When people are talking about being prepared, are they talking about 72 hour kits? Emergency disaster kits? Or just plan being prepared!

Today we are going to be talking about food storage! In an emergency disaster, people believe water and some foods are important, but mainly water. What happens when you have all this water and not enough food? What good is water without food, or visa/versa?

Yes, eventually you will run out of food, but with a little preparedness you can run out of food when the disaster is over and things are back to normal. How do you ask? Start now! When you go to the store and buy grocery’s think about buying one, two or several items of extra cans of food that you normally eat all the time and before you know it, BAM! You have food you can rotate through as you use it. The wonderful thing about this is that it is your food you use every day, not MRE’s or food you think are gross, but real good food you eat.

But now we have a problem, where do we store it? Well, do what I did and build a storage rack. Normal food storage racks cost anywhere between $300 to $500 dollars! Who has that cash laying around? Not me, I have a family and I do live on a budget, so money is very tight at times. My wife is always on me about be prepared and she really keeps us up on our items that we need and things we must have, (good woman she is).

So, I am attaching a link below so you too can have the plains to build a food storage rack cheap. It cost me around $65.00 and my time cutting and putting it together. THIS IS A MUST, not only can you store food on it but keeps it organized too. As you can see in the picture my wife labeled each space for the items we use.

Don’t miss out of not being prepared! Get started now. Have fun and until next time




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