Need Light? Use the Folding Solar Powered LED Lantern

solar lightThis review is amazing!  I can not believe that a solar light can produce that bright of a light.  Check this review out!

I  walked up to where my Lieutenant is and drop to one knee, thinking to myself, “man this is a relief on my knees.”  Sometimes when you walk for miles in the mountains and carrying a pack full of gear can be hard.  But this is what we do and why I am here!  My Lieutenant looks at all of us and says that we can break camp here for the night.  Each one of us looked around the area and got up to set up our tents.

I took off my backpack and disconnected the straps holding my tent in place and folding solar lanternstarted setting up.  After adjusting the poles and laying the anchors down, I was done.  Throw my pack in the tent and unrolled the sleeping bag.  I then went around camp to make sure no one else needed help and then finished with setting the camp up.  Next LT called out what everyone’s watch duty was and we sat down to eat our wonderful prepared MRE’s.  Time to turn in, looking around and seeing everyone head off to their tents with their small flashlights.  I could see the light shine through each tent moving  around like it was opening night at the movies with lights shinning everywhere.  Not me, as I smiled solar lanternleaning into my tent and hitting the button on my new folding solar powered led lantern I had hanging up in my tent.  “BAM” the light turns on and lights up my entire tent!  This folding solar lantern is amazing!  I could see everything in my tent and with the hook attached to it so it can hang, made it even better.  I jumped in my sleeping bag and adjusted everything around and reached for the switch to turn it off.  Man, awesome! No more setting the flashlight down and only shinning on half the tent.  Oh yeah plus not wasting batteries.  Thanks Secur!


What a great idea Secur came up with!  I can take this folding solar lantern and attach it to the top of my backpack while I move around throughout the day and let it charge up for the night. This is one item you have to have.  Read what Secur has to say about the folding solar lantern:

Large Capacity 6000 mAh Power BankSP-1100_flashlight
• High Power LED Lantern
• Flashing Emergency Light

This solar powered lantern features three folding solar panels and high output LEDs – the perfect companion for picnics, barbecues, camping and backpacking – charges by day – lights up your night.

                                        DETAILED FEATURES:

• Three folding solar panels for fast charging– folds for easy storage
• Charging time with solar panelsin direct sunlight – 12 hours
• Charging time with USB cable – 4 hours
• High output rainproof LED lantern
• Flashing emergency light
• Includes hanging ring and micro USB port
for USB charging
• Includes USB charging cable

                                  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 

• 680 mAh Lithium Battery
• High output LED lantern – Low setting 50 Lumens, High setting 100 Lumens
• Lighting time with full battery – High setting – 2 hours, Low setting
– 4 hours, Flashing – 8 hours
• Dimensions: Folded – 6″ x 2″ X 2″ Expanded – 10″ X 1″
• Weight – 6 oz.


What are you waiting for!  Head over to Secur’s website and check them out!  Until next time

                                       Click for Secur

download   SecurLogo_ol_for pkg



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