Bundles & Bundles of paracord

550 cordWhat more do I really have to say?  But READ!!

There I was bugging out because the world is falling into a crap bucket and I needed to head out with the family.  We stopped in the woods pretty far out there making the best of our situation.  Family knew what plan needed to be taken and everyone jumped right in to their duties.  My son grabbed the bundle of 550 cord and started to go to town with it.  Making traps, tying sticks together to make a water filter and building his shelter.  The wife reached for it to do her clothes line, canopy and so on.  What can I say but it is the universal tool everyone must have.  How much do you have?

550 cord-1

Black River outpost is where I got mine!  They have so much stuff, I am still going through their website.  At Black River Outpost you can buy 550 cord in spools, here is what they sell:

7-Strand 550 lb Paracord

Paracord Is a must have for all outdoor and survival enthusiasts. This rope has almost endless uses and qualities. Great For survival bracelets, camping, backpacking, military, shelter building, survival kits / bug out bags, ETC.

• 7 Strand Core

• lightweight & Strong

• UV resistant

• Rot & Mildew Resistant

• Tested to withstand a maximum load 550 lbs of pull

• Color Will not run or bleed

• Made in the USA

Color: BLACK

So really, what are you waiting for?  Swing over and check them out.  Until next time!


Click —>  Black River Outpost


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