Are you SECUR! (Solar)

SECUR_productsThis is the best product you can have for not just emergencies!!  You really need to check this review out.

Are you SECUR?  One thing for sure about people in today’s world is the security blanket they have!  Whether it is their IPOD’s or IPHONE’s it doesn’t matter they are tied to it!  So what happens when there is no more power because of the natural disaster that happen to wipe out the power! Or your on top of a mountain and your cell phone battery dranges and some kind of emergency happen and you now can not call?  What are you going to do now?   The list can go on and on.

A lot of people believe they can just turn to their cars and it will charge there stuff.  Sure it can until either the battery goes dead or they run out of gas.  But then we are inSecur_SP-3009_Solar_Power_Bank_3000_pic3_grande the same position we were in before  I believe in being prepared!  Playing it safe and be prepared are the two main points in survival.  So I went to SECUR products and found some really cool tools to have in my kits!  The first one I picked up was  the Solar Power 3000: SP-3009 and I love it!!  It is small and very light weight, plus I can hook it to the outside of my pack and it will charge as I hike.  So When I need it, it is ready to go.

Being in the Military we sometimes we go into the field for days and it can be boring at times.  But you will always find the way to bring either your laptop and/or cell phone, and what better way than have a charger that charges itself from the number one resource!Here is what SECUR says about it:


• Ultra-High Efficiency Solar Panel for fast charging
• High capacity lithium ion battery – recharges a
cell phone up to three times
• Swiveling LED light for flashlight or room light
• Metal Carabiner for hanging or table stand
• Full size male USB Port
• Built in micro USB for charging via any USB
power sources



You can use this solar power to charge your IPHONE, IPOD, GPS, Cameras, Computer Laptop and endless possibilities.  Ultra high efficiency solar panel – 21.5% efficiency with broad light spectrum provides up to four times the charging power of traditional solar panels. Not only can it charge you up but has a Built-in LED light swivels.  What great features it has.  Have you thought about checking them out yet?  Go for it, and tell them we sent you!!  Until next time



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