Have you heard of the Survival Trash?

Wilderness-trash-1A few months ago there was a 74 year old Florida woman who had gotten lost in the woods one day on a hike she went out on.  She did not think about being prepared and only packed a couple of granola bars in her

purse.  After realizing that she was lost, she started to look for things she could use to survive.  People tend to disregard what it means to “leave no trace,” motto and throws all kinds of trash around.  This lady decides to drink from the trash soda cans and placed things together to make a pillow.  But, you can use some of the bottles to hold water, cook and start fires, broken cell phones from past articles  Believe it or not if you find trash when you lost it is gold.  Continue to follow this website and read past articles to find out how you can learn to survive!  But when you are out on a hike ALWAYS be prepared to bring some form of communication or signaling device in case you are lost.  Survive to live and fight another day.  Until next time.


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