Saltwater to Drinking water!

prod_1645_enlarged (1)Have you ever really thought about how you will survive out in the ocean?  I do a lot of diving as a civilian and in the military and we have all seen

the movies of the drivers that were left out in the ocean when their boat took off without them!  Well I will never again have that happen to me.  Not only will I be prepared in a car, helicopter, home and now the ocean.  That is right I have found one cool item to pack with you in a dive bag (72 hour kit which I will post later)

This product is Energy Free! Aquamate Inflatable Solar Stills use solar radiation to distill and make pure drinking water from seawater!  That’s right you heard me.  This solar watermaker is lightweight and folds into a 26 x 23 x 7cm pack. The solar still watermaker is an ideal addition to the grab bag for any ocean going yachtsman or diver.


This product is made by Aquamate and says:

Aquamate solar stills are light, compact and very easy to use.
They utilise solar radiation to distil and collect pure drinking water from sea or impure water.
The still will produce 500-2000 ccs of water per day and has been used for over forty years by military and civilian services around the world. An ideal addition to the grab bag for any ocean going yachtsman at a fraction of the price of a mechanical or electrical unit.

It features:

  1. Tear open pack for emergencies
  2. Easily inflated by mouth
  3. Lanyard fixing
  4. Pure water stored in separate pouch
  5. High visibility orange plastic
  6. Proven reliability
  7. Made to ISO 9002 with NATO stock number

What more can you have to survive the ocean!  Yep, if you need it to survive! I will find it.  Keep it here and keep it real.  Until next time




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