Surviving: Active Shooter

AR500_armorI just sat down in my chair as the school bell rang, reaching over to my left side looking at this cool backpack my dad gave me. My dad is in the Military and I love that this backpack looks like a military backpack, dreaming that one day, I too will go to the military to follow my family tradition. Now, reaching in the backpack I grabbed my schools daily planner and some pencils out and started my day by writing down today’s homework assignments that was posted on the white board. As I was writing down the daily assignments, I could see out of the corner of my eye and through the classroom widow people running by it. Thinking to myself they must be late for school or something, when I noticed a few people and then more. Getting up and walking towards the window to see what was going on, only noticing people running away from the school and not into it. Then, “BAM, BAM!” What was that? Then I heard over the loud speaker that there is an active shot on campus and we need to lockdown! Just then guns shots rang out again, I reached down and grabbed my backpack, placing it over my shoulders and headed for the door. As I reached and opened the door, I saw a kid holding a gun. Out of instinct I turned away, tuck my head and ran back into the classroom hearing guns shots. My ears were ringing because the kid fired the gun so close to me. Through the ringing in my ears I could hear a bunch of yelling and then it was followed by several more gun shots. I hid in the corner of the classroom behind some desk waiting for it to be over with the rest of my classmates.

Next thing I hear is banging on the classroom door and someone yelling, “Police! Open the door.” I guess throughout all of the commotion the teacher locked the door after I came running back in. The teacher unlocked the door and said in a panic, “where is the kid that got shot?” We all looked around at each other and no one was shot. The Police Officer pointed to me and said, “Son that was you that just ran back in the classroom, where are you shot?” I stood up and looked at my body thinking I was in shock and could not feel the wound, nothing. I said to the Police Officer as he was running over to me, “I am not shot, I am ok!” The Police Officer said, “are you sure! I saw him point the weapon at you and fire two rounds?” I looked down at my backpack because I was wearing it on my back when I was leaving the room and noticed what appeared to be two bullet holes dead center of my backpack. Everyone was looking at me as I reached in my backpack and pulled out the AR500 armor plate my dad had bought with this backpack. The plate was still intact with white marks as if something starched them. Everyone’s eye where wide open as was mine. I looked up and said, “my dad just got this for me yesterday!” That was amazing, what an outstanding backpack and if anyone could have learned something that day was you can never know when you need to be prepared, just be prepared.

AR500_armorI know when an active shooter happens and the crowd turns into chaos, you only have so much time to react or think what do I do now? Well the first thing you really must do is to PREPARE yourself for any school shooting and that start is this OUTSTANDING AR500 Armor Backpack Armor

AR500 Armor® 9.5” x 13” Rectangle Back Plate Body Armor Features:

  • 9.5” x 13” Backpack Armor fits into most school bags, laptop backs, commuter packs, tactical bags, luggage, large first aid kits, and even in the pocket behind the seat of your car.
  • Designed for pockets that accept up to a 15.1” Laptop
  • Practical, Concealable and low profile, you’ll be the only one who knows your prepared
  • Rifle protection on the go – whenever and whenever you need it
  • Outlasts Ceramic, Dyneema, and UHMWPE constructed body armor
  • Rugged, Reliable, and Stress Fracture Resistant
  • Multi-Hit capable and Stand-Alone
  • Level III Rifle threat rated for calibers up to 7.62×51 (.308 Winchester) at 2,780fps
  • PAXCON (Line-X) Military grade anti-spall & fragmentation protective coating
  • Fully sealed design protects from Liquids, Chemicals, and Harsh Elements
  • Certification, Independent, and In-House Ballistic Resistant Testing & Quality Control
  • Maintenance Free
  • .25” Ultra Low Profile
  • Weight 8lb’s
  • 100% Made in the USA



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