Glad I had the right belt!

Survival_beltWalking for miles now and all I can think of is keep going west, I am sure that is where I saw a town in that direction from where my helicopter crashed.  As I was walking  in a straight line I had to pass through mountains and thick trees in order to keep my bearing in line because you can get lost in thick forest,  when all of the sudden I had to stop!  Stop indeed, I walked

to a cliff!  The cliff looked as if it went on for miles and in order to go around look like it could take me a day or so.  What was I going to do now?  Well lucky for me I am always prepared and grabbed my 72 hour emergency helicopter kit (that’s right, one in every vehicle) reached in and grabbed the repelling rope out of it.  I attached it to the base of a tree and tied the knot like I learned in the military and pulled on it to make sure it was tight!  Lifted up my shirt and attached the rope to the rigger on my belt and down I went.  I went down the side of the mountain with ease to safety.  Unhooked myself from the rope and continued on my way.  After several more miles and hours I findly came upon a house with a phone so I can call in the crash and live another day.  Who knows what would have happen to me if I did not have my belt, I do not even want to know.  I am prepared and will survive!

The belt I was wearing is called: Spec Ops Rigger’s Belt!  I had one when I was in the military and love them!  They are so universal it just can not be beat.  It is so well made that is has endless uses  As you can see in the picture it comes in so many colors that they have one for each color of BDU’s you own!



Spec Ops Rigger’s Belt – Tactical / Emergency Back-Up Pants Belt  is on sale right now from Optics planet, here is what they have to say:

The SPEC.-OPS. Brand “RIGGER’S BELT” is Spec-Ops version of the time honored design used by operators throughout the SOF community. These belts can be the difference between life and death in emergency situations. Designed to be the ideal back-up for a tactical harness used during air-frame tie-ins, rappelling, roping-off situations, or wherever you need an extra measure of security. This is an essential addition to your first line field gear assortment.

The different sizes you can choose from is: Reg. 24-34″   Lrg. 34-40″  XLrg. 40-46″.  But supplies are limited.  Swing by and check it out!  Until next time



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