What’s your Plan B?

Emergency-plan-bI know everyone has been training for the worst possible thing that could happen.  But what about Plan B?  Have you even thought about what might happen if your first

plan does not work?  Some people do not believe in Mr Murphy or that anything will not happen at all, but what if it does.  When I was in the Military I had a Master Chief S (we will call him) tell me all the time “two is one and one is none.”  Meaning: that I need two of everything because expect that one of them will not work.  Good advice!  So, do you have a back up plan for water?  Maybe some filters to purify water at a later time? or maybe a kid pool you bought at Walmart to collect rain in?  What about extra food? Fire? and etc.  Please leave a comment and let us know what your Plan B is?  Thanks again and until next time


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